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High speed internet has just got so much cheaper

May 14, 2014
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With the government funded rollout of ultra fast broadband (UFB) high speed internet has never been so cheap. 15 years ago an ADSL internet connection was $800 to install, and cost $600 per month for 600MB. The new UFB government subsidised initiative offers customers speeds of more than 50 times that of what we achieved with NZ’s first ADSL rollout, and for prices that are a fraction of what we have been paying even in the last few years.

The team at Digital Arena have been managing a number of UFB connections for our customers, with a one-off installation costing somewhere between $0 and $99 (depending upon the provider). The monthly plans now start from around $150 for lightning speeds of 100MB down and 50MB up, and with 200GB of data to burn.

While there are varying rates from some of the better providers, and some providers you just wouldn’t want to use, there are also varying data plans. Some telcos limiting data to 200GB per month so when you blow out you bleed through the nose and are persuaded to sign up for corporate grade fibre.

Cough, splutter, you would not want to do that.

Others however may charge a little more for the plan, yet allow you to increase your plan up to 500GB per month. So beware of your options when signing up for a 2 year deal…you will need room to move. History tells us that 15 years ago we managed on 600mb. Now we’re worried about exceeding 200GB (200,000MB).

Keen to make the shift to ultra fast broadband? We can help you. Call John or Eric on +64 9 477 0396.