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Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Aug 31, 2009
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As of Friday, Mac OSX Snow Leopard has been released. It is a release highly focused on delivering performance and reliability gains rather than flashy new features. I think this is a great approach as most people just want their Macs to run well and don’t need extra little gimmicky features added that offer little to increase productivity.

A lot of software will be Snow Leopard compatible without any further updates required, some software will require small updates to become compatible and some software will not be supported on Snow Leopard.

Expect a deluge of updates over the next few weeks and months to address any known or unexpected compatibility issues with Apple’s latest version of Mac OSX. Most software developers will have or will be working to have their latest versions of software up to date and compatible with Snow Leopard, however previous versions of software are not high on the priority list for most developers, who are unlikely to be investing the time and resources on software that they designed to work on earlier versions of Mac OSX. Software developers are encouraging users to update to the latest version for compatibility in addition to gaining the advantage of the software’s latest features.

Snow Leopard itself is compatible only with Intel Based Macs.

If you are upgrading to Snow Leopard or are buying a new Mac then it is recommended to upgrade your additional software to the latest versions. If you are upgrading straight away then you might run into a few minor issues that should be addressed as soon as software developers are able.

Compatible software includes;
Adobe CS4 (Some minor issues exist)
Microsoft Office 2008 (Seems OK)
Quark 8
Parallels 4 (Latest build required)
Toast 9 & 10 (Some minor issues exist)
Overflow (Update just released)
Most current versions of Apple software

Software that will require an update includes;
Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2 (update expected within 30 days)
Extensis Universal Type Server 2 and Client 2 (update expected 30 – 60 days)
Kerio MailServer (working on 6.7.2 update to include Snow Leopard iCal compatibility)
Cyberduck (working on an update)
Nortons AntiVirus 11
Many printer drivers and utilities

Unsupported Software includes;
Adobe CS3 (and earlier). Adobe CS3 may work with some minor issues present, but there will be no further updates and it is officially unsupported by Adobe.
Extensis Suitcase Fusion and earlier
Quark 7 and earlier
Parallels 3 and earlier
Toast 8 and earlier