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MYOB GST upgrade?

Oct 17, 2010
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For those who don’t want to upgrade their MYOB for the GST change, be aware that you have a bit of extra work to do to get it right.

If you do not upgrade, you will need to manually:
* Calculate your GST Returns
* Manually create a new 15% GST Code (S15)
* Manually change default code in Chart of Accounts
* Manually update default codes in Suppliers & Customers
* Manually update default codes in Items on both I Buy & Sell
* Manually update GST Inclusive Codes
* Manually calculate GST Return Adjustments

We recommend you upgrade to AccountRight 9.5 for Mac – or if you have a PC, AccountRight 19.5

More information from MYOB here.

Or, just upgrade to Xero!

GST Changeover

Sep 29, 2010
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MYOB updates should be making their way around to you all by now ( users don’t have to do anything – it is ready now) and the new GST tax code seems to be S15. When you let us know that you have finished your September invoicing and we switch your Spark over to the new rate, be aware that we will also be pointing Spark at your S15 code for GST. If you haven’t updated your MYOB and are going to update the codes and reports yourself, please make sure you create your 15% GST code as S15.

Spark to MYOB development

Aug 17, 2009
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As you well know, Spark exports to a wide range of Accounting systems including all MYOB versions, all Moneyworks versions, Xero, Arrow etc.
In an update to Spark (coming soon), we will be adding a ‘SP’ to the front of all invoice and purchase order numbers that go into MYOB. This will eliminate the potential conflict of these numbers with manually entered invoices or purchases. If you would like to give us feedback on this, please post a comment here, or email

MYOB Screenshot:sp-spark

Keep MYOB running efficiently

Jul 29, 2009
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Here are three simple things that will keep your MYOB data safe and running smoothly.

- Backup your data file daily.
– Verify your data file weekly.
– Optimise your data file monthly.

MYOB should prompt you to backup when you quit, it is important that you save the backup to a server or removable media. If MYOB doesn’t automatically remind you, go to ‘Setup’ then ‘Preferences’ then ‘Security’, mark the option ‘Prompt for Data backup when Closing’.

To Verify your data file, go to the menu bar select ‘File’, then go down and select ‘Verify Company File’.

To Optimise your data file, go to the menu bar select ‘File’, then go down and select ‘Optimise Company File’.

Optimising your data file can greatly decrease the size of your database, increasing the day to day speed of MYOB.