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TomTom for the iPhone – tested

Aug 19, 2009
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The iPhone has a lot of useful applications – and the TomTom application is one of those! TomTom sell the maps and their software bundled by region which means you have to buy a New Zealand version ($119) and if you want Australia – you have to pay again. This is the same as the TomTom units themselves.

We tested it by mounting the iPhone up near the front of the center console of a car and set a few destinations. In open areas it works just like a ‘real’ TomTom – turn by turn directions – the works! In built up areas it starts to jump around a little bit – but this is when you are in the middle of high rise building such as Auckland Central. It still works – it just isn’t as smooth.

TomTom will be offering an iPhone specific car kit which provides power to charge the iPhone (yes, it does start to drain the battery quite quickly) and includes a further GPS chip and antenna to help in built up areas.

For casual turn-by-turn GPS use where you know generally where to go – but just need the GPS unit when you get closer to the area you don’t know the detail of – perfect solution. You can get it now on the iPhone Appstore – it supports the iPhone 3G and 3GS only at this point. (There is talk of iPod Touch support with the TomTom car kit – but lets just wait and see).