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iPhone 6 – our first 2 days

Oct 1, 2014
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You have heard of the iPhone 6 right? Yes, Apple’s new iPhone revision sports a new set of dimensions. Bigger. While Android users have had a large selection of small, medium, large & extra-large phones for the last few years – Apple users have been stuck with the small.

The new iPhone 6 sports a 4.7″ screen (up from 4″ iPhone 5) and the iPhone 6 plus has a 5.5″ screen.


We recently took delivery of iPhone 6 plus and have a few thoughts.

This thing is huge. If you thought the iPhone 5 was a big jump up from the iPhone 4 – then you have another thing coming. For the average user we suggest a good look at the iPhone 6 rather than the iPhone 6 plus. The iPhone 6 is a little larger than the iPhone 5 – but because it has lost its square edged design and is quite a bit thinner, it doesn’t feel too much bigger to use. You do get a lot more screen real estate. On the iPhone 6 plus you get an extra view similar to the iPad which gives you to use a split screen view when you turn the phone to landscape. For example, Mail shows the mailbox panel to the left and the message pane on the right. Far better than those silly little arrows at the top of the screen for message navigation.

There has been a lot of talk about the iPhone 6 plus bending – that seems like a very unlikely story to us. If you mistreat anything – it’ll break. Most of us take care of our stuff right?

It’s a great upgrade. If you are sporting an iPhone 4 or 5, then the iPhone 6 would be the best bet. If you envy the Samsung Galaxy Note – then the iPhone 6 plus will be for you. If you aren’t sure – go down to your nearest Spark shop and have a good look at the demo models before you place your order. For reference, check out the size chart. Note the 4″ iPhone 5 screen.

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