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Top tips to become an iPad pro

Sep 5, 2013
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So you want to become a master of your iPad – here are some tips that will get your zipping round your tablet like a pro:

Tip 1: When it comes to typing, speed things up with some quick taps:
• Tapping the space bar with 2 fingers will produce a period and a space
• Tapping the space bar with 3 fingers will produce a period and a 2 spaces. Go on, try it with 4 fingers, 5 fingers too!

Tip 2: Master the alpha keyboard shortcuts:
• For a quick single quote (), touch, hold and select the comma key (,)
• For a quick double quote (), touch, hold and select the period key (.)
• WANT TO WRITE SOMETHING SHOUTY – double tap the shift key to turn on caps lock
• For a quick digit, touch, hold the .?123 key and slide to the digit you want. When you let go you’ll be back on the alpha keyboard.

Tip 3: On the subject of keyboards, if you like to hold your iPad in landscape mode and want to type with your thumbs, the answer is: split your keyboard in two! Un-pinch your keyboard to split it, and pinch it back together again (this is for those of you with iOS 5 or 6)


Tip 4: Every now again again you might accidentally delete some text – no problem, just hold your iPad with both hands, give it a quick shake and the Undo Typing button will slide in! If you want Redo Typing, simply shake it again.


 Tip 5: Sometimes selecting text can be difficult but these tips should assist:
• To select a single word, double tap
• To select a paragraph, tap once with 2 fingers
• Drag the handles either side of the selection to adjust the area

Tip 6: If you need to take a screen shot of your iPad, hold the sleep/wake button down and click the Home button. The screenshot will be found in your Camera Roll album. And speaking of photos, if you want to set up your iPad as a digital photo frame:
• Prop your iPad up in it’s case, tap the Picture Frame icon that appears to the left of the slide-to-unlock bar on the lock screen and walk away – your iPad will now start display a photo slide show!
• If you want specific albums, events etc to be displayed, set all this up under Settings -> Picture Frame


Tip 7: If you have multi-gestures turned on under Settings -> General, you can:
• Use 4 or 5 fingers to swipe up to reveal the multi-tasking bar
• When you’re in an app, use 4 or 5 fingers to swipe left or right to move through apps
• When you’re in an app, use 4 or 5 fingers to pinch to the Home screen

Tip 8: And if you happen to have read this blog entry on your iPad, to scroll quickly back up to the top of a page, just tap once on the status bar (that’s the bar where the battery icon and time are displayed).