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Telecom NZ – Flat rate data roaming

Dec 11, 2012
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Telecom NZ has a new take on data roaming. Traditionally when travelling internationally, internet data usage on your mobile devices was charged at a rather steep rate per megabyte of data used. Just by checking your email and using Maps for directions data costs could quickly get out of hand, resulting in a rather nasty bill on your arrival back home.

Now Telecom has announced a fixed rate per day, so you will know what you will pay regardless of usage (subject to their fair usage policy of course). Pricing for data roaming when in Australia is set at a very attractive $6 per day, with UK, USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Saudi Arabia set at $10 per day.

The new pricing starts from Friday 21 December 2012, for more information read the press release.

The top 10 gifts for geeks

Dec 6, 2012
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Here we are again – it’s the holiday season already. We have scoured the internet looking at gifts that we think would be cool for your resident geek. Check them out:

1. Apple iPad Mini
Probably number one on most peoples’ lists, the iPad Mini is a great compact iOS device for all iPad applications and very comfortable for reading Amazon Kindle books on during summer.

iPad mini

2. Google Nexus 4
For the Android loving geek the Nexus 4 is the creme of the crop. Forget your cheap plastic Samsungs, this is THE phone to get if you are all over Android. Trouble is, getting one is a big challenge. They aren’t officially sold here (UPDATE: 2degrees will have it soon!), but if you know a few importers well enough, a trip to pricespy should reveal some NZ stock.

3. Tetris Lamp
Tetris is timeless and now it can bring the glow back to your life in the form of a lamp!

4. Atari Flashback 4
Those of us who grew up with the Atari 2600 console plugged into our Thorn or K9 TV sets will love this retro game flashback. It might be a little difficult to track down in NZ, but the determined shopper will soon find out how to best import one.

5. Sony NEX-6
If your holiday snaps from your cellphone aren’t going to cut it and you don’t want to buy a DSLR, look towards the Sony NEX. A very high quality camera in a compact form with lenses that can be interchanged like an SLR – but that is optional depending on what you use it for.

6: Microsoft Surface RT
For those who have some kind of strange dislike of Apple or Google, look to the Microsoft Surface tablet…err…laptop…tablet…thing. In our opinion it’s actually quite nice and seems to combine its 1995/2012 alter egos quite well.

7: Dr Who Tardis Beach Towel
It’s summer. You love Dr Who. Put them together and you get the Dr Who Tardis beach towel! Pretty awesome.

8. Jedi Bath Robes
This sumptuous dressing gown is warm and luxurious, perfect for those strong with The Force who are taking a vacation, going bowling or having their Persian rugs cleaned.

9. Hobbiton Tour
How could we have a geek gift guide without a Hobbit reference? Here it is.

10. And if you still can’t decide
ThisIsWhyImBroke will make you broke alright. Very cool gifts for the super geek – there are some things here which you just won’t believe!

Have a great holiday and see you next year!