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Keynote for iOS – helpful information

Oct 25, 2011
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Using an iPad for Keynote presentations is awesome, there are however a few important things to keep in mind to create a compatible document.

Changes when importing

The following changes occur when importing a presentation into Keynote for iOS:

▪ Recorded audio (voiceover narration) is not imported.
▪ Comments are not imported.
▪ 3D charts are converted to 2D charts. Chart data is retained and editable.
▪ Web links and slide-to-slide links are maintained. All other links are removed.

Video Formats

Not all video formats will work with Keynote for iOS. The best way to get video, including the audio is to convert your video file to a format that works with your iOS device. If the video file you want to use is already in iTunes then sync it to the device you will be presenting on. If you get a message appear warning you that the video isn’t optimised for your device, then you can use iTunes to convert it. From within iTunes select the file that you want to convert then go to the “Advanced” menu and select “Create iPod or iPhone Version” (if you are presenting on an iPhone) or select “Create iPad or Apple TV Version” (if you are presenting on an iPad).

If your video is not in an iTunes friendly format I would suggest using Adobe Media Encoder (included with Creative Suite) or Handbrake and using an included preset to convert the video for the device you will be presenting on, then add it into iTunes.

Once you have the video file and the Keynote presentation on your device follow the steps below to edit your presentation:

1. Tap the Media window icon at the top-right of the display in Keynote for iOS. 
2. When the Photo Albums page opens, tap Media.
3. Tap the photo album that contains your video.
4. Tap the video thumbnail you want.
5. Tap Use. The video and its audio track will play automatically when the slide is played by tapping the play icon


Keynote for iOS is limited to what fonts are available within iOS, you cannot add in additional fonts to use. When importing a document that uses fonts that are unavailable within iOS, Keynote will attempt to replace the font with a close match. If it cannot find a close match, then Helvetica will be used. You will be able to review what fonts have been replaced.

Fonts available within iOS:

▪ Academy Engraved LET
▪ American Typewriter
▪ Apple Color Emoji
▪ AppleGothic
▪ Arial
▪ Arial Hebrew
▪ Arial Rounded MT Bold
▪ Bangla Sangam MN
▪ Baskerville
▪ Bodoni 72
▪ Bodoni 72 Oldstyle
▪ Bodoni 72 Smallcaps
▪ Bodoni 72 Ornaments
▪ Bradley Hand
▪ Chalkboard SE
▪ Chalkduster
▪ Cochin
▪ Copperplate
▪ Courier
▪ Courier New
▪ Devangari Sangam MN
▪ Didot
▪ Euphemia UCAS
▪ Futura
▪ Geeza Pro
▪ Georgia
▪ Gill Sans
▪ Gujarati Sangam MN
▪ Heiti J
▪ Heiti SC
▪ Heiti TC
▪ Helvetica
▪ Helvetica Neue
▪ Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN
▪ Hiragino Mincho ProN
▪ Hoefler Text
▪ Kailasa
▪ Kannada Sangam MN
▪ Malayalam Sangam MN
▪ Marion
▪ Marker Felt
▪ Noteworthy
▪ Optima
▪ Oriya Sangam MN
▪ Palatino
▪ Papyrus
▪ Party LET
▪ Sinhala Sangam MN
▪ Snell Roundhand
▪ Tamil Sangmam MN
▪ Telugu Sangam MN
▪ Thonburi
▪ Times New Roman
▪ Trebuchet MS
▪ Verdana
▪ Zapf Dingbats
▪ Zapfino


The following transitions available within Keynote for iOS:

▪ Magic Move (including changes in location, opacity, rotation, and scale)
▪ Revolve
▪ Anagram
▪ Blinds
▪ Color Panes
▪ Confetti
▪ Cube
▪ Doorway
▪ Fall
▪ Flip
▪ Flop
▪ Iris
▪ Mosaic
▪ Page Flip
▪ Reflection
▪ Revolving Door
▪ Swap
▪ Swoosh
▪ Twist
▪ Dissolve
▪ Move In
▪ Push
▪ Reveal
▪ Scale
▪ Wipe
▪ Drop
▪ Pivot
▪ Twirl

Mac OSX Lion – Quick Look a website within Mail

Oct 25, 2011
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A handy feature introduced in Mac OSX Lion is the ability to Quick Look a website link found within an email.  If you want to preview a website without leaving your Mail App, just right-click on the link and select “Quick Look URL” it will load a preview of the website right within Mail. You can click on the “Open with Safari” button in the top right if you wish to open the full website.

The URL has to contain the full URL beginning with http:// otherwise the Quick Look URL option does not show up.
QuickLook URL

iOS5 and caller ID on Telecom XT

Oct 13, 2011
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Apple has released iOS5 today for compatible iDevices, it’s a great update with lots of new features such as the notifications, iCloud integration and wireless syncing with iTunes.

If you are using Telecom XT with your iPhone or iPad be sure to update your carrier settings via iTunes after applying iOS5, you can do this while you still have your iDevice plugged in via the USB cable. If you don’t apply the carrier update you will find that the caller ID doesn’t match up with your contacts.

Let’s talk iPhone – The Apple iPhone 4S

Oct 5, 2011
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Apple announced the iPhone 4S today at its rather appropriately named “Let’s talk iPhone” event. Apple’s latest iPhone is an upgrade of the existing iPhone 4, keeping the same shape and size. The new iPhone features a Dual-core A5 chip that is up to two times more powerful and up to seven times faster for graphics display, a new 8 MegaPixel camera that can take photos faster and can record video at 1080p, it also has a redesigned antenna system for better performance.

The iPhone 4S will also come with iOS5 that features the new Notification Centre, iMessage, Twitter Integration and iCloud Integration.

The biggest surprise for some was the new voice command system named Siri. By using Siri on your iPhone 4S you can send messages, schedule meetings, set reminders, play music, answer your questions and run other functions just by using your voice. Siri is an intelligent system and is location aware so you can check the traffic or weather based on your current location.

The iPhone 4S will be out in 7 countries (including Australia) in mid October, with 70 countries (very likely to include New Zealand) by the end of the year.

You can watch the Siri video here.

The iPod Touch (now available in white) and iPod Nano also got a minor updates today, the iPod Classic and Shuffle remain unchanged.


Auckland InDesign User Group – October Meeting

Oct 4, 2011
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The next meeting of the Auckland InDesign User Group is scheduled for Tuesday October 18th.

Date, time, and location

Tuesday, October 18 2011
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Media Design School
Level 16 (reception & sign in)
92 Albert Street
Auckland CBD


6:00pm – Doors open and a bit of time to network
6.30-7.00 – InDesign & InCopy – Marcus
7.00-7.30 – Adobe MAX summary – Martinho
7.30-7.45 – Preparing Images for the Web – Speaker TBA
7.45-8.00 – Tips & Tricks with Heather
8.00-8.15 – Interactive PDF Competition Results & Presentation & Prizes
8:15pm – Time for pizza and networking and prizes (software / gift cards / subscriptions – pick me)

Interactive PDF Competition

We said at the last meeting that we would run this competition to create an interactive PDF in InDesign, the wizzier the better, then email it to us at by Friday October 14. We will get resident ACE Paul Cracknell to judge for us and announce the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners at this meeting, but you must be there to qualify.
Please register to attend