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Mac OSX Lion – keyboard trick

Jul 26, 2011
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In the 1970/80s you needed auto repeat on your keyboard for all sorts of unix type things. But on your Mac it probably isn’t used all that much. It is faster to type a few characters like “zzzzzzz” copy, then paste multiple times. Much quicker.

In Mac OSX Lion, auto repeat has been replaced with something quite useful. Pressing a letter on your keyboard and holding now gives:

Mac OSX Lion compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite

Jul 21, 2011
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Adobe has done a lot of testing with Adobe Creative Suite and Mac OSX Lion. For the most part Creative Suite 5 and 5.5 are compatible with Apple’s new Operating System. The Adobe Reader plug-in for Safari is not compatible with the version of Safari that comes with Mac OSX Lion, also there are some issues with Flash Catalyst but overall no real show stoppers.

Adobe has found some issues with Creative Suite 3 and 4 and these are being documented at the moment. In our own internal testing we haven’t found anything that would stop you using these versions of Creative Suite with Mac OSX Lion.

Creative Suite 2 and earlier requires the use of Rosetta as it was made for PowerPC Macs. Rosetta is not a part of Mac OSX Lion so these versions of Creative Suite will not work. Any plugins that require the use of Rosetta will also not work.

There is a comprehensive FAQ on Adobe’s website here.

Mac OSX Lion – “The new king of the desktop”

Jul 21, 2011
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Mac OSX Lion

Apple has released its latest and greatest Operating System overnight, welcome to Mac OSX “Lion”, or “The new king of the desktop” as Apple likes to call it.

The idea for Lion was to pull in all of the iOS features that Apple has introduced with the iPhone and iPad and implement them into the desktop. New features for Lion focus on multi-touch gestures, allowing you to interact with your desktop with gestures, swiping and pinches. Apps can now support a full screen mode so you can focus in on what you are currently using. Mission Control brings together Dashboard Exposé and spaces into a more useful interface. Autosave (for supported Apps) and the Resume feature will keep you working without you having to think about what you had open before you restarted your Mac.

There are many other features deeper down in Lion that don’t grab the headlines, we will be detailing these in future blog posts.

More info here


MacBook Air

Apple also introduced new Macs along with Lion,  all of the new Macs get Thunderbolt support, Apple’s new faster replacement for Firewire that will hopefully getting some devices out in the marketplace for it.

The new MacBook Air was released featuring faster Intel Core i5 or optional i7 processors, a return of the backlit keyboard and flash storage. These Macs will be very quick for such a little device.

More info here

Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini also features faster Intel Core i5 or optional i7 processors and better graphics performance.

More info here

Apple Thunderbolt Display

Possibly the most interesting hardware that was released overnight is the Apple Thunderbolt Display allows you to plug in your USB and Firewire 800 devices into the new monitor and have them connect back to your Mac via the single Thunderbolt cable that is also used for your display. You can even piggy back a second Apple Thunderbolt Display so you can connect two external displays to your supported MacBook Pro or iMac. The Thunderbolt cable also branches off a MagSafe connector so you can power your MacBook Pro.

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New Website is live!

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here.

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