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Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Update Printing Fix

Jun 28, 2011

The Snow Leopard 10.6.8 update seems to affect printing via LPD to some printers. Symptoms include the printer going straight to pause and does not print anything. Specifically we have experienced issues with the Xerox 5065II and Apeos 5540.

For those of you that are not one of our IT Support clients, we have created a repair installer that takes the necessary LPD file back to a working pre-update state. Our clients that we provide IT Support to will be unaffected as we will manage the update process as normal.

Update: Apple has released a supplemental update to 10.6.8 that addresses the printing issues introduced with the original update. More Info

New team member

Jun 27, 2011
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We would like to welcome Liam Collins into our software team while Gemma takes some time off for maternity leave. Liam comes to us from the UK and will take care of all the support for Spark going forward. Gemma leaves us until early next year from mid July onward. Good luck Gemma! Welcome Liam!

WWDC 2011 Wrap up

Jun 19, 2011
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The World Wide Developers Conference has been and gone – and as long time Apple Development Partners, we were very impressed with the announcements and future direction of Apple Software. OS X Lion brings the best from the iPad to the stable OS X Snow Leopard underpinnings to create an operating system that will be very comfortable for those who like trackpads – especially the Magic Trackpad! Using gestures on the trackpad (or even the Magic Mouse surface) signals to the operating system that you want to bring up your Launcher, or move between Applications. For more information, there is a OS X Lion page up at Apple.

iOS 5 will be the next iteration of software for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It builds on the power of iOS 4 and incorporates features from lots of different sources and ideas. One of the best is the new notification center which allows you to manage the notifications you get on the lock screen – we have all been screaming out for that one! Now you don’t need to unlock to see if you have got email, missed calls, txts etc – and you can jump to those screens from the lock screen easily. We won’t list every feature here – but it has a large number of features like this which you can read about here.

Now as a lot of you know the “cloud” is the next big thing. Apple are jumping into the cloud computing model with its iCloud offer and they say it is going to be great. We here at Digital Arena agree because 10 years ago we released our first cloud based product to the market – the all powerful Helium Digital Asset Management and Automation system. Since then we moved Spark, our class leading Job Management system into the Cloud (in 2003) and launched Pageproof to the world for online approval in 2005. And as many of you know we have some new category redefining products being launched into the market (call Neil McGowan if you want to know more) – and they are cloud based too.

Back to Apple.

iCloud will replace MobileMe and will truly bring the “my stuff everywhere when I want it” idea to your Mac, PC or iOS devices. For example, if you purchase a song on your iPhone using Apple iTunes, that song will be synchronised through to your other iOS devices – and into you iTunes on your computer also. You don’t need to push any sync buttons – it just works (like magic). App purchases, documents, photos, calendars etc will all use the iCloud service. Apple say it will be free for 5GB of data – not including your App or Music purchases. More info can be found here.

iCloud and iOS 5 will ship sometime around September/October this year. OS X Lion will be out in July.

WWDC June 6th-10th!

Jun 3, 2011
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For all the geeks out there, we have a geekfest of information happening next week at the annual Apple WorldWide Developer’s Conference. While a lot of the detail will be in the developer sessions – the opening keynote will provide a preview into Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud.

More information soon!