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Pageproof 3.1.2 update

Mar 31, 2011
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We have just updated to the latest 3.1.2 build which adds the ability to have default text for the Approved and Reviewed stamps, and fixes a rare issue with some correction sheet PDFs which previously would not open.

This update is online now!

Apple iPad 2 – v2

Mar 13, 2011
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Now that iOS 4.3 has shown it’s head on our devices in NZ, we can now confirm that the iPhone 4 on XT or Vodafone can use the new Personal Hotspot feature to share your phone’s data plan with your laptop or iPad using wifi. (It lets 3 devices work over wifi)

So this makes purchasing the iPad 2 a little harder. If you have an iPhone 4, then the wifi model is all you need. Just turn on the iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot feature, connect your iPad 2 and browse. But if you don’t have an iPhone 4, then you will either need to upgrade your iPhone – or get the iPad 2 with wifi+3G.

Gizmodo has a great article on this, so have a read and see where you fit – otherwise have a chat with one of the Digital Arena team!

Apple’s iPad 2

Mar 3, 2011
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Steve Jobs made a welcome return to the stage today to unveil Apple’s iPad 2. The iPad 2 is a thinner, lighter and considerably faster than the original iPad. It also has both from and rear cameras and is now available in white as well as black. The white version has been promised to ship from day 1 of release.

The iPad 2 feature the same screen resolution and battery life as the original iPad and comes in similar configurations with WiFi or WiFi and 3G models to choose from.

A new cover has been designed for the iPad 2, one that only covers the front of the iPad and folds back to create a stand.

An iOS update will feature improvements to AirPlay, introduction of iTunes Home Sharing and performance improvements to Safari.

There’s more information on the Apple website