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Special Characters and Keyboard Shortcuts

Oct 27, 2010
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Have you ever wondered how to enter some of the frequently used special characters into your text document? Characters such as the Registered Trademark symbol ®, Copyright © and the Apple logo  can be entered with keyboard shortcuts. Here are a few below;

Keyboard Shortcuts
Option and r = ®
Option and g = ©
Option and 1 = ¡
Option and 2 = ™
Option and 3 = £
Option, Shift and k = 
Option and e, then e again = é
Option and u, then u again = ü

You can also browse the symbols that you want to enter. You can do this by turning on the ‘Keyboard and Character Viewer’ within System Preferences.

How to Turn on the Keyboard & Character Viewer
From the Apple menu in the top left, go down and select ‘System Preferences…’
Click on the ‘Language & Text’ Preference Pane
Click on the ‘Input Sources’ tab
Tick on the ‘Keyboard & Character Viewer’, this will put a new icon in the Menu Bar (up by the time).
From the Menu Bar icon you can Show the Character or Keyboard Viewer

The Character Viewer will give you a library of characters to look through, just double click the character to insert it into your current document.

The Keyboard  Viewer will help you discover the keyboard shortcut for characters. Use the Option and Shift keys to reveal the characters on the keyboard.

Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event roundup

Oct 21, 2010
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Apple has announced and demonstrated a number of its new products today.

Mac OSX Lion
The new version of Apple’s Operating System will be better known as ‘Lion’.

Taking many cues from iOS that runs on Apple’s iPhones, iPodTouch’s and iPads, Lion will include many multi-touch gestures, full screen Apps, auto save and resume. It will also see the introduction of a Mac App Store (it wont be the only way to get Apps onto your Mac), a new ‘Mission Control’ feature that appears to integrate an improved Expose, Spaces and Dashboard. The new LaunchPad feature looks like a way of launching and organising your Apps like you can on your iOS devices.

Expect to see Lion sometime around mid 2011, more features should be revealed between now and launch.

FaceTime for Mac
Apple has also introduced FaceTime for Mac. This will allow video calling with other FaceTime users, including those iPhone 4 and iPodTouch users.

More information here.

MacBook Air
Apple introduced new MacBook Air’s with updated 13-inch and a new 11-inch model. All models feature flash storage, multi-touch trackpad gestures, and better battery life. They look like impressive machines in a highly portable, compact size.

More information here.

iLife ’11
Updated versions of iPhoto, iMove and GarageBand feature in the latest iLife. People who have bought a new Mac in October can get the upgrade for the cost of postage. All is quite on the iDVD and iWeb front though.

iPhoto features;
– Full screen mode
– Improvements to Facebook and Flickr integration
– Improvements to slideshows, bookmaking, and the introduction of letterpress cards.

iMovie features;
– New “People Finder” face identification
– Improvements to audio controls and video effects
– New movie trailer mode

GarageBand features;
– New Flex Time and Groove Matching feature that focus on getting your rhythm and timing right
– More guitar amps and stompbox effects
– Improvements to lessons

More information here.

How ink is made

Oct 19, 2010
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A very interesting look at what it takes to make printing ink.

MYOB GST upgrade?

Oct 17, 2010
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For those who don’t want to upgrade their MYOB for the GST change, be aware that you have a bit of extra work to do to get it right.

If you do not upgrade, you will need to manually:
* Calculate your GST Returns
* Manually create a new 15% GST Code (S15)
* Manually change default code in Chart of Accounts
* Manually update default codes in Suppliers & Customers
* Manually update default codes in Items on both I Buy & Sell
* Manually update GST Inclusive Codes
* Manually calculate GST Return Adjustments

We recommend you upgrade to AccountRight 9.5 for Mac – or if you have a PC, AccountRight 19.5

More information from MYOB here.

Or, just upgrade to Xero!

View your mobile data usage on Telecom XT

Oct 13, 2010
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If you are on Telecom XT and use mobile data with your mobile device (i.e. your iPhone) then you can view your data usage and plan details via the TWorld mobile site.

On your iPhone go enter the following address in Safari;

Scroll down and press on the ‘Your Telecom’ section.

You can enter your phone number and password, or if you haven’t used the service before you can press ‘Send new password’ to have a TXT sent to you with a temporary password.

Once logged in you can see your remaining usage, texts and plan roll over date (Next bill due).

Using the ‘Your Usage’ tab, you can also view the details of your plan (data and text allowance) and excess charges (Plan details). Recent activity is also viewable.

Using the the ‘Services’ tab, you can manage Call diversions, call waiting and caller ID restriction.

Using the new Font Snapshot feature in Suitcase Fusion 3

Oct 11, 2010
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A new feature in Extensis Suitcase Fusion 3 is the ability to quickly make a font snapshot of any font in your library. Adjust the text, size and font and use the preview icon to drag a PNG preview to your Desktop. Great for sending of an example of a font to send to others.