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A preview of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Jul 29, 2010
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Here is a quick preview of the interface of the next version of Office for the Mac.

Apple introduce new goodies

Jul 28, 2010
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Apple has given its Mac Pro line a significant refresh today. Processors have been upgraded, Intel’s “Westmere” is available in two 2.4GHz Quad-Core, or two 2.66GHz 6-Core configurations. The video card in the Mac Pro now comes with 1GB of GDDR5 memory with 2 Mini DisplayPort outputs and one dual-link DVI output.

Check out the Mac Pro here

The new video card will allow you to use two of Apple’s new 27″ LED Cinema Displays on your Mac Pro. The new Cinema Display is very similar to the existing 24″ LED Cinema Display. It does have upgraded speakers and a longer video cable though. It is expected that the 27″ display with replace existing Apple’s 24″ and much older 30″ displays.

Check out the 27″ LED Cinema Display here

The iMac has also been given a refresh, Intel’s dual-core i3 and i5 processors are put to good use with quad-core i5 or i7 available on the higher end iMac. The high end iMac also gets the option of a solid state drive as either a primary or secondary drive.

Check out the updated iMac here

Apple also introduced the Magic TrackPad, a wireless trackpad that resembles a small Wacom but allows you to use multitouch gestures like you can on Apple’s mobile devices. You can pinch, scroll, swipe and rotate on the Magic TrackPad in the same way you can with your Apple laptop. The Magic TrackPad is being marketed as a companion to the mouse, it looks like it will be a while before the mouse gets relegated to history.

Check out the Magic TrackPad here

Photoshop CS5 – Content Aware Fill

Jul 23, 2010
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Mike McHugh gets excited and demonstrates content aware fill in Photoshop CS5.

Digital Arena get their balls out

Jul 21, 2010

Today Digital Arena got together today to take on Ten Pin Bowling at Takapuna. There were plenty of strikes, spares and gutter balls and with all of the excitement no one remembers who the winner was.

Keynote for the iPad

Jul 18, 2010
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We have been working on the translation of Keynote presentations from your Mac over to the iPad version. The iPad version is very powerful – but does have a cut down feature set compared to the Mac version. With the iPad coming soon (or for those who already have them!) the use of Keynote is an interesting one, especially when you have the iPad to VGA cable allowing you to connect the iPad to projectors!

So, in order to get your presentations ready, take a look at these Apple support pages here and here. And there are a few third party tips sitting here.

Presentations from the Mac are synced over to the iPad using iTunes and then Keynote for the iPad will import the presentation. On that import, it will check your presentation and alert you to any issues which you can then resolve.

Happy presenting!

Exporting PDF files from InDesign CS5

Jul 1, 2010

Mike McHugh provides an overview of the Export to PDF option from InDesign CS5