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Which iPad?

May 31, 2010
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The iPad pre-order for New Zealand will probably start soon – so before you dive in and get the first one that comes to mind, lets have a look at what the options are (and mean).

First thing to know about the iPad. Without internet of some kind, it is just a big note taker and games machine. It comes into its own with internet. A lot of people in the US ended up buying twice because they thought the wifi only model would be fine.

So, there are two models – the wifi-only and the wifi+3G model. Both come in 16, 32 or 64GB storage versions – so you have 6 models to choose from!

If you have wifi everywhere you go – then the iPad wifi is all you will need. It is then just a matter of choosing the storage you think you need and you are done! Remember that iPad apps are bigger than the iPhone versions in most cases. We think the 32GB version represents the best value/feature balance.

If you think you may venture away from your wifi occasionally – then the iPad wifi+3G would be for you. First, lets dispell a few myths.

  • The microSIM is just a cut down SIM and can be easily fabricated. However, both Telecom and Vodafone will have the microSIM on hand soon.
  • You don’t need another contract for the iPad. Both telcos have a simple data prepay SIM available – and if your data use is small, you can use a 2degrees prepay SIM. It is only 2.5G – but it is fine for email and the occasional Google search!
  • The iPad auto switches between wifi and 3G data – it is just like the iPhone and is seamless.

The iPad cannot be tethered to the iPhone and use the iPhone data contract without hacking. It is best to stay away from hacking your iPhone and take a look at the prepay data options.

If you are the ultimate geek – then the iPad 64GB wifi+3G probably has you shaking at the knees. All your music, games, email, movies, books, browsing and more in one slab of glass. Why not??

Once the iPad is officially released into New Zealand we will have more information about the iPad data plans.

Photoshop CS5 – Brushes

May 24, 2010
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One of the cool features in Adobe Photoshop CS5 (and actually, Illustrator to some extent) is the bristle brush which gives the same effect as painting with a real brush (especially using your Wacom). Have a look at this video from Photoshop Cafe which gives a simple introduction.

Adobe InDesign CS5 to CS4

With Adobe CS5 site upgrades in full swing, here is a little tip for those who need to exchange documents with others on InDesign CS4.

In the past you used the InDesign Interchange format (.INX) to save down from one InDesign version to another. With Adobe InDesign CS5 – this is not an option! Instead, Adobe have provided the InDesign Markup Language (IDML) as a format for moving a document to another version.

So, in InDesign CS5, you go to Export in the File Menu and choose InDesign Markup.

Then drag/drop the IDML file onto the InDesign CS4 icon and it will reconstruct the document. If you need to take it back to InDesign CS3 – you must save the .INX file from InDesign CS4.

Spark – Time/Material move

Spark 5.5 has a new Purchase Order move feature in the Admin which enables you to move purchase orders from one job to another – but we also enhanced the Time/Material move. Previously you could only move the entire block of Time/Materials from one job to another – now you can choose. It is best illustrated by a picture!

To use this feature, you must have Administration rights.

Keyboard shortcuts for Overflow

May 11, 2010
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Overflow is a handy little Dock launcher used for quickly accessing your commonly used applications, files and server shares. In addition to controlling Overflow with a mouse you can control it via keyboard shortcuts. Great for quickly launching applications without needing to move your hands off the keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Bring Overflow to the front; Control + Space (Customisable)
  • Hide Overflow; Esc
  • Move selection between items; Arrow keys (Also, a selection can be highlighted by typing the first few letters of its name)
  • Move between categories; ⌘ + Up / Down Arrow keys
  • Launch selected item; Space, or Return, or ⌘O
  • Launch selected item but keep Overflow visible; Option + Click on item
  • Reveal the clicked item in the Finder; ⌘ + Click on item

Star Wars voices for TomTom Devices

May 5, 2010

You can now get Star Wars voices for TomTom Devices starting with Darth Vader, C-3PO, Yoda and Han Solo to follow.

Take a look at the “behind the scenes” recording of Darth Vader’s voice.

Spark – Time Entry Options

Spark 5.5 gives you a number of new features – but the one everyone is most excited about is the simplified Timesheet Entry screen and options. To take advantage of the new options, first set your preferences in the User Preferences area. Choose between “Hour Based” time entry or “Time Bar Based”.

Hour Based lets you specify the number of hours for each entry and Time Bar Based lets you use a slider to nominate a start and end time.

We also give you the option to enter multiple time entries in a single screen. Simply click onto “Multi-Time Entry” and select your Job, Labour code and the number of hours. It will auto-save and give you a field to enter the next one. (Each entry from this screen starts at 7.00am – you can edit this in My Timesheet)

My Timesheet has also changed – you can now delete entries (as long as the Job is not closed) and add/update comments if you have more to add.