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Speed up Bluetooth reconnections

If you have a Mac which is sporting a Bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard, you can speed up the reconnection speed of the device in System Preferences->Bluetooth.

Open the Bluetooth Panel and highlight your Mouse (or Keyboard). From the small Sprocket-like menu, choose “Show More info” and then reselect the menu again and you will see “Add to Favorites”. You can do this for both your Keyboard and Mouse.

Adobe CS5 benchmarks

During our presentations of CS5, we pointed out the fact that CS5 has new ways of working and for you to think about your worflow. And as workflow is our middle name – we will be there to help you migrate and take advantage of the hundreds of improvements Adobe CS5 has.

But another topic in the presentation was efficiency, so here are a set of reports which show the benchmarks of Adobe CS5 in not just speed – but the time it takes to do tasks against previous methods. It is very interesting reading!

We put Adobe CS5 in front of hundreds of you during the launch week – if anyone missed out – we are happy to run more! Register your interest with John Hutchinson or Neil McGowan on (09) 477 0396.

Flash CS5 development for iPhone off

Following on from the Adobe CS5 presentations by Digital Arena – we learned today that Adobe Flash CS5’s packager for iPhone will not be developed further by Adobe. They have turned their focus (and asked Flash developers also) toward the Android OS.

So while we were not sure during the launch presentations – here is the final word.

If you want to develop ideas for the iPhone, get in touch with a local iPhone development company – or learn Xcode yourself!

Spark 5.5 on the iPad!

Here is a cool little video of the latest Spark 5.5 on the iPad! It shows working on a Proposal, generating a PDF, opening WIP, checking job costings! When the iPad 3G becomes avaliable in NZ – you will be able to “Spark” from inside your office and out! Great fun.

iPad Delayed!

Apple have sold more than 500,000 iPads in the US so far and the demand is still strong. Because of this, they are delaying the international launch until the end of May 2010.

The good news is that the wifi and wifi/3G model will be shipped internationally at the same time.

Interesting to note that a lot of iPad owners who have the wifi only model are already looking to sell – and get the wifi/3G model. As one industry leader put it: “Once you get an iPad – and actually use it – you realise that to be useful it has to be connected all the time.”

And we agree.

If you are keen to get an iPad, then wait for the wifi/3G model as in a country like New Zealand where wifi isn’t everywhere, the 3G will be important!

Adobe CS5 Walkthough

Digital Arena have been demonstrating Adobe CS5 to groups since its release on Tuesday 13th April. Our Friday 16th April session (10.30am) has a few spots left for those curious about what Adobe CS5 can bring (clue: A lot!)

The groups have left the sessions with stunned looks as our resident Adobe InDesign Chapter Representative for NZ shows the highlights of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and Flash Catalyst. (Along with ePUB to iPad/Kindle and Documents Online and more). Adobe CS5 has an incredible array of new features which translate into huge time savings and the ability to go to more delivery media.

If you want to be in on the action and see these products demonstrated by an expert in this field this Friday, contact Neil McGowan or John Hutchinson on (09) 477 0396.

Apple Macbook Pro Update

They are finally here – the next iteration of the intel core processor technology inside the MacBook Pro family. The intel i5 and i7 processors have been on the market for a little while and Apple has just refreshed the MacBook Pro range to include these options. The i5 and i7 are fast – no doubt – but it is also the new battery (8-10 hours) and graphics technology that these new laptops bring which makes them a very cool update.

So, the sweet spot is the MacBook Pro 15″ 2.53GHz model loaded up with 8GB of RAM. It gives the best value vs performance for graphics work. Our testing with Adobe CS4 and the newly released Adobe CS5 shows that 8GB or more is required to run Creative Suite Premium at its best – so this fits the bill.

If you would like more information, please contact Neil McGowan or John Hutchinson on (09) 477 0396 or check out the MacBook Pro website.

Adobe CS5 is alive!

Adobe has released Creative Suite 5 to the world!

Digital Arena are running free seminars all this week (well, the first three days are already full) and some days next week to show you through Adobe CS5 in person! (10.30am – 12.00pm)

If you would like to see Adobe CS5 in action, please contact Neil McGowan or John Hutchinson to reserve your place. The sessions are an hour and a half long and cover Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash and Flash Catalyst CS5 in detail and are driven by one of the Adobe InDesign User Group representatives in New Zealand.

Contact Neil or John on Auckland (09) 477 0396

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 preview

The iPhone OS version 4.0 beta is now up for developers (like us) to work with and test. The public version will be out in a few months and runs on 3G hardware and up. (Sorry original iPhone owners!)

There are over 100 new features, but the main ones are:

  • 3rd party application multi-tasking (3GS hardware or better)
  • Folders to organise your screens full of apps
  • Mail gets a single unified inbox
  • The iAd platform for developers to put sponsored advertising into apps
  • Access to iBooks (same as the iPad)
  • Enhanced enterprise features

These are great new features for you to look forward to – especially the Multitasking and Unified Inbox. About time!

UPDATE: For more detailed information, follow this link…

Adobe eBook site

We came across this page on the Adobe website which gives a good introduction to creating eBooks out of Adobe software. The eBook format is used by the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad – so it is good to understand how they work – and how you can use your Adobe software to create them!