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Spark – Online demo now available

Jul 30, 2009
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We have setup a live demo of Spark, Digital Arena’s project management software. You can log in and use a fully functioning copy of Spark to see what it can do for you.

Spark was purpose-built by Digital Arena to speed up and simplify management of the entire creative project, from job creation, cost estimates, and time and materials data capture through to purchasing, invoicing and reporting.

Click here and use ‘demo’ as both the login and password, the data in the demo resets every night.


More information about Spark is available here.

Keep MYOB running efficiently

Jul 29, 2009
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Here are three simple things that will keep your MYOB data safe and running smoothly.

- Backup your data file daily.
– Verify your data file weekly.
– Optimise your data file monthly.

MYOB should prompt you to backup when you quit, it is important that you save the backup to a server or removable media. If MYOB doesn’t automatically remind you, go to ‘Setup’ then ‘Preferences’ then ‘Security’, mark the option ‘Prompt for Data backup when Closing’.

To Verify your data file, go to the menu bar select ‘File’, then go down and select ‘Verify Company File’.

To Optimise your data file, go to the menu bar select ‘File’, then go down and select ‘Optimise Company File’.

Optimising your data file can greatly decrease the size of your database, increasing the day to day speed of MYOB.

Quick Tip: Private Events in iCal with Kerio MailServer

Jul 28, 2009
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If you have Mac OSX Leopard and are using iCal with your Kerio MailServer then there is a way to set an iCal event as private in your shared calendar.

Simply create a new iCal event and tick on the ‘private’ tick box. This will still sync your event to your phone and other devices, but for people who view your shared calendar it will appear as a ‘Private Event’ and no further details will be displayed.


This is great if you just want to use one calendar and have everything in it.

Quick Tip: Adobe Kuler

Jul 24, 2009
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Kuler is Adobe’s online application for discovering, creating and sharing colour themes.

It’s an inspirational site where you can create your own theme, either from a colour (using rules) or from an image (using moods).


If you have Adobe CS4 you can access Kuler directly from InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. To do so, go to the ‘Window’ menu then down to ‘Extensions’ and select ‘Kuler’.


This will open the Kuler panel where you can browse online swatches and add them to your swatches panel. You can even create you own and upload them to Kuler for the world to see.


Spark to Xero!

Jul 23, 2009
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Spark now has the capability to export Invoices and Purchase Orders directly into Xero. For those who have not seen Xero, it is a great looking online Accounting system.

Check out

If you are a Xero user, or have been planning to switch to it, please contact us so we can load the Xero support into your Spark version.

BlackBerry For Mac

Jul 21, 2009
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BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac is coming in September.

The new software will enable you to sync the usual contacts and calendars as well as syncing music from iTunes and installing new software on your BlackBerry.

For a long time Mac BlackBerry users have relied on either PocketMac for BlackBerry or MIssing Sync for BlackBerry, neither applications have been overly impressive or stable. Hopefully BlackBerry’s own software will provide the reliability and ease of use that BlackBerry owners have been craving for.

The small glimpse of the applications interface looks promising.

Kerio Certified Partner

Jul 16, 2009

Digital Arena has proven their technical and sales expertise to become a Kerio Certified Partner.  A Certified Partner has greater access to the support and resources provided by Kerio Technologies.

Neil McGowan is now a Kerio Certified Sales Professional and James Andre is a Kerio Certified Technical Professional.

Technical Certification was achieved for Kerio MailServer.

Over the last 18 months Digital Arena has been deploying Kerio MailServer as a cross platform collaboration tool to connect users with mail, calendars and contacts, while also sharing resources within their organisation.

With Kerio MailServer mail, calendar and contact information is stored centrally on the server so you can access your data at work, on the road and at home from your computer, smart phone or via webmail. And because your data is stored centrally it is secured with an automated backup without any downtime for users.


Adobe Online eSeminars

Jul 15, 2009
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The August schedule for Adobe’s free online seminars are now available.

Seminars are scheduled for either 12PM Australian EST or 4PM Australian EST, which is 2PM and 6PM NZST.

There are many seminars available in the coming month and are broken into the key areas of Photography, Acrobat, Design, Video, Web and Design for Beginners.

Register Now


Where to buy an iPhone without a contract

Jul 14, 2009
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If you are keen to get an iPhone, but don’t want to re-sign any contracts (or maybe move to another network – 2degrees/XT anyone?), you can now buy the iPhone directly from the Apple store online and put your own sim into it.

Of course you will need to make sure your plan has data capability to use some of the online features away from wi-fi – but still very cool.

Spark – How do I know if they pressed “Invoice Now”?

Jul 10, 2009
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A new feature in Spark 5.4.5 is the ability to “search” for invoices where Invoice Now has not been pressed. This is a great check before pushing all the invoices through to the Accounting System (MYOB, MoneyWorks, Xero)

  1. Finalise the invoicing in the Finalise Invoices queue
  2. Go to Financial->Search Invoices and choose the invoicing date range. Then set “Invoiced” to No
  3. Click Go
  4. Of the invoices shown in the list, click into the invoice and press Invoice Now for the ones you would like to transfer
  5. Go back to your Finalise Invoices queue and finalise the invoices shown
  6. Continue with your transfer!

This REPLACES the need to run the Jobs without finalised invoices report.