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Apple sells 1 million iPhone 3GSs!

Jun 23, 2009
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Apple CEO Steve Jobs is obviously back at work – he just posted a press release which states: “Customers are voting and the iPhone is winning,” said Jobs. “With over 50,000 applications available from Apple’s revolutionary App Store, iPhone momentum is stronger than ever.”

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WWDC Keynote round-up

Jun 9, 2009
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Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is on at the moment. The WWDC is the time for Apple to show of new software and hardware. Todays Keynote featured the following…

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro 15″ now includes a non removable battery (like the 17″) that can last up to 7 hours. The MacBooks also feature faster processors, up to 8GB of RAM, up to 500GB of hard drive space, and an SD memory slot instead of an Express Card slot.

The MacBook Pro 17″ keeps its Express Card slot, useful for devices designed for the video & audio markets.

The Aluminum MacBook has been renamed to join the MacBook Pro family and gets Firewire 800 and the SD memory card slot.

Prices have been cut for MacBook Pros and the MacBook Air by as much as US$300.

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Safari 4

Safari 4 has been released for Leopard and Tiger, tabs are no longer along the top where they were in the Safari 4 beta.

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Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard will be shipping in September for US$29. For Macs purchased between June 8th and September you can purchase Snow Leopard for US$9.95.

Snow Leopard was heavily refined for a better user experience. Snow Leopard and the majority of the applications that it comes with includes support for 64-bit Macs. This allows information to be processed faster and the Mac and applications are able to take advantage of being able to use more RAM.

Improvements have been made to Mail, iCal, Address Book and Safari to increase responsiveness and ease of configuration. QuickTime has been re-designed with a clean interface and controls that fade in and out as you need them.

One of the small but interesting features is a ‘more reliable disk eject’, meaning that when try to eject a disk that is in use you will be told what application is using the drive, rather than having to quit everything or restart to free the drive.

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iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS is the third generation iPhone, the ‘S’ representing Speed. It will be available on June 19th in the US, Canada, UK, France Italy and Spain, with other countries following in bursts every few weeks after the initial launch.

The new iPhone will feature the same form factor as the 3G, with a faster processor and graphics support, it will also support HSPA data with speeds up to 7.2Mbps where available. Other features include Nike+, hardware encryption, a digital compass, 3 megapixel camera, better camera controls, video recording, voice control and better battery life.

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iPhone 3.0 Software update

The iPhone 3.0 software will be released on June 17th as a free update for iPhone users and a US$9.95 upgrade for iPod Touch users. New features of the software include Cut, Copy & Paste, Landscape Keyboard, MMS, Push Notifications, Spotlight, Internet Tetherring, Stereo Bluetooth and more.

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The machine that goes Bing

Jun 5, 2009
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Microsoft has overhauled its Live Search website in an attempt to catchup to major players Google and Yahoo! 

The new site is it offers some nice features such as previewing video within a video search. Will it rival the likes of Google as the default search engine of millions? Not likely.



The Wow starts now?

Jun 5, 2009
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The Windows 7 release date has been announced as October the 22nd. Due to New Zealand’s placement on the International Date Line, it will be available here first, followed shortly after by Australia.

The Windows 7 release comes almost three years after the release of the much unloved Windows Vista. 

Microsoft has been listening to the rather vocal complaints about Vista and have working working hard at greatly improving the performance, compatibility, usability and reliability  of Windows 7. For instance memory usage has been brought under control and boot time is greatly improved.

PC’s sold after October 22nd will be available with Windows 7 pre-installed.



Spark 5.4.5 Announcement!

Jun 3, 2009
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We have a new update to Spark being installed soon which takes you from v5.4 to v5.4.5. This release alters the behaviour of some areas in Spark to improve their performance or functionality. Please take the time to read and understand the changes.
  • Major changes to the Finalise queues.
  • -> A check date pop-up to highlight dates outside the transfer period.
  • -> You now have to “tick” the items you wish to Finalise, then click Finalise – much faster. (You have a Select all also.)
  • Search Invoices has a new option to find invoices where “Invoice Now” has not been pressed. No need to use the “Jobs without finalised invoices” report.
  • The New Invoice button doesn’t create the record until “Create” has been pressed. Reduces “mistake” invoices.
  • Users with Admin now have the extended abilities including “Delete” and altering Proposal Time Names – and more.
  • “Fast Invoicing” is a new feature which can be turned on in Admin->Preferences which auto “marks all items as billed”  in one click.
  • Time Entry has new labels to make it easier to understand
  • My Timesheet sub-summarises by day so you can see what you did per day easily
  • A roll-up of all the small fixes since v5.4
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