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Get A Mac

Apr 21, 2009
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Apple has posted new Get A Mac ads. ‘Biohazard’, ‘Legal Copy’, ‘Stacks’ and ‘Time Traveller’, these ads target PC’s vulnerability to viruses and malware, ease of use and stability.

View them here.

More Spark 5.45…

Apr 14, 2009
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Managing the Invoice JCR can be a challenge – we have been developing an auto “mark as billed” feature which should appear in 5.45. In addition, Search Invoices will let you look for invoices which don’t have “Invoice Now” pressed – that makes invoicing that much easier!


Spark 5.45 dev update

Apr 2, 2009
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Spark 5.45 is currently under development and includes a number of improvements around invoicing. The finalise queues are getting an overhaul meaning that you will be able to tick on the items you wish to finalise rather than click/refresh/wait.

More soon….