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HeliumPlacer+ tested for use with InDesign CS4

Dec 15, 2008
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The HeliumPlacer+ add-in for InDesign which allows the Helium Digital Asset Management system to be integrated with Adobe InDesign CS4 has been fully tested and passes with flying colours!

So for those who have Helium and are wondering whether to hold-off for CS4 can now jump right in!

Helium 2.4 is in development

Dec 3, 2008
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We thought it would be a good idea to let you know of the plans for Helium 2.4  One of the major features of this release will be Asset Expiry.

Basically, the Admin can give each Asset an expiry date (typically based on a talent contract). Once the expiry date is reached, the Asset will still show up in the search results (with a red “Asset Expired”) – but the users will not be able to Edit, Download, Add to collection or Enlarge the Asset.

Of course, the Admin will be able to go into the Asset and extend the expiry date or delete it altogether.

We will reveal more features as we get closer to the release date…