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Spark Tips – Liam’s top 7

Aug 11, 2014
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Since our winter release of Spark has just been rolled out, we’ve extracted Liam’s top 7 Spark tips to take advantage of some of the new great features (and some of the old):

Tip 1: 
Created a purchase by mistake? Easily delete the purchase by removing the supplier within the Purchase Items tab – click Update and you’ll see a Delete Purchase button appear.

Tip 2:
Befriend opening multiple tabs in Spark. Command + click (or right mouse click and select Open in New Tab) to open multiple areas of Spark at once. Liam’s suggestion: you might want to have the following open all at once making navigation between them quick and easy:
• Spark Home page (for a broad view of all your stuff)
• Workflow -> Work in Progress and click Go (for a view of all WIP jobs on the go)
•  Time Entry (to add your time and materials entries onto jobs during the day).
As long as the tabs are different areas of Spark you can open as many as you like!

Tip 3:
Want to bring across on your purchase order something that was quoted as materials or option/s on your proposal? Easy. When in the Purchase Items tab of a purchase, click the reveal arrow to see items on your proposal and toggle them across using the arrows.

Tip 4:
Ah, the Home page. Set that you’d like to display items on your home page under User Preferences and it will show you a set number of:
• Pending proposals created by you
• Jobs assigned to you
• Not Started and In Progress tasks allocated to you
• To Do job changes allocated to you
• Your timesheet snapshot for the past 7 days

Another tip: use the reveal/hide arrows for each section if you wish and the section heading names will take you to the appropriate search in Spark with the full item list.

Tip 5:
Speaking of User Preferences, if you tend to always be looking for ‘your’ jobs, proposals, tasks etc in Spark, then set Use My Name in Searches to Yes.

Tip 6:
Did you know you can set up custom pricing for a customer? Go to the Custom Pricing tab of a customer record and add products you want to set alternative pricing for. 

Tip 7:
Use the Notes field of a customer/supplier record to add in extra detail and you can then search this field. Very handy if you are looking for a list of photographers that specialise in portrait work, or specific equipment that your printer suppliers have.

Remember, your Spark monthly fee covers all the training, advice and phone/email support as you like so ask away….


Spark v5.11.0 coming soon

Jun 12, 2014
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We are excited to announce the forthcoming winter release of our popular job management software.

Spark v5.11.0 is to be released July/August 2014, this update will feature –

• Home page improvements
• Default preferences for a customer
• Improvements to the job’s Tasks tab
• Quicker bulk closing of projects
• Additional Group by filter for Workflow -> Tasks
And more…Check out further details in the release notes here.

We’ll be in touch over the next few weeks with Spark administrators to book in preview sessions.


Spark v5.10.0

Oct 15, 2013
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We are excited to announce the forthcoming release of our popular job management software.

Spark v5.10.0 is to be released November 2013, this update will feature –

• An important change to login: One of the key updates is a change from username to email to log into Spark.
• Edit your name, email and password under User Preferences
• Quick bulk closing of pending proposals
• Workflow WIP job dates are easily updated in the search results
• Additional search filters for the Jobs Without Invoices report
• A new report: Sales Forecast
And more…Check out further details in the release notes here.

We’ll be in touch over the next few weeks with Spark administrators to book in preview sessions. After the upgrade, if you experience any issue logging in using your email address, please call our MySupport team on 0800 327 362 (press 2 for software) for assistance.


Spark v5.9.5 – it’s here!

Mar 5, 2013
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We are excited to announce the forthcoming release of our popular job management software.
Spark v5.9.5 is to be released April 2013, this update will feature –

• Xero API – this is a biggie for all the Xero users out there!
• Changes to reports
• Even more is recorded in the transaction log
• Set up your own default submenus
• A new search display option for Tasks
• And more…

Check out further details in the release notes here. We’ll be in touch over the next few weeks with Spark administrators to book in preview sessions.

Spark – New release of our Job Management Software

Jun 6, 2012
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We are excited to announce the forthcoming release of our popular Job Management Software. Spark v5.9 is to be released July 2012, this update will feature –

• Easier, quicker closing of jobs
• Improvements in Print Options
• Enhancements to Project Proposals
• Google maps and more…

Watch this space over the next few weeks for further details and we’ll be in touch early July with Spark administrators to book in preview sessions.



New team member

Jun 27, 2011
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We would like to welcome Liam Collins into our software team while Gemma takes some time off for maternity leave. Liam comes to us from the UK and will take care of all the support for Spark going forward. Gemma leaves us until early next year from mid July onward. Good luck Gemma! Welcome Liam!

Spark Manual updated for v5.7

Jan 10, 2011
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We have just updated the Spark Help to include an updated manual for version 5.7. This is accessed through the Help icon in Spark on the top/right.

It is a PDF and can be printed for circulation in your office, but if you would prefer us to provide you with a printed and bound copy, please email us here and we will get a copy out to you.

MYOB GST upgrade?

Oct 17, 2010
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For those who don’t want to upgrade their MYOB for the GST change, be aware that you have a bit of extra work to do to get it right.

If you do not upgrade, you will need to manually:
* Calculate your GST Returns
* Manually create a new 15% GST Code (S15)
* Manually change default code in Chart of Accounts
* Manually update default codes in Suppliers & Customers
* Manually update default codes in Items on both I Buy & Sell
* Manually update GST Inclusive Codes
* Manually calculate GST Return Adjustments

We recommend you upgrade to AccountRight 9.5 for Mac – or if you have a PC, AccountRight 19.5

More information from MYOB here.

Or, just upgrade to Xero!

GST Changeover

Sep 29, 2010
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MYOB updates should be making their way around to you all by now ( users don’t have to do anything – it is ready now) and the new GST tax code seems to be S15. When you let us know that you have finished your September invoicing and we switch your Spark over to the new rate, be aware that we will also be pointing Spark at your S15 code for GST. If you haven’t updated your MYOB and are going to update the codes and reports yourself, please make sure you create your 15% GST code as S15.

Spark, GST Codes and your Accounting

The GST change is coming up soon. Your accounting application provider (MYOB, Moneyworks, Xero etc) will have updates and/or advice on how their product will be affected by the GST change. We are following their recommendations on what the new GST code will be.

For example, MYOB uses the code S as the 12.5% GST code. We have unconfirmed reports that the new code will be S15. If this is the case, then Spark will be outputting S15 as the official GST code in its transfer files. (To be confirmed)

MYOB say their latest update takes care of the GST changeover. If you don’t do the upgrade, you MUST create codes and alter the behavior of your MYOB to work with the 15% change.

If you have any questions about the GST change in relation to Spark, please give Gemma or Marcus a call on (09) 477 0396.