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More features for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Aug 19, 2010
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Microsoft demonstrate some new features of Office 2011 for Mac. Compatibility with Office for Windows, visualisation of data within Excel and basic photo editing within the Office suite feature in this video. Background removal and colour correction in Office… interesting.

Warning: This video may contain a moustache.

A preview of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

Jul 29, 2010
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Here is a quick preview of the interface of the next version of Office for the Mac.

Goodbye Internet Explorer 6

Feb 24, 2010
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With Google first announcing that Google Apps will no longer support IE6 – and now YouTube saying that March 13th is the last day for official IE6 support, the writing is on the wall. IE6 was released around the same time as Windows XP way back in 2001/2003 timeframe. At the time, it worked as a good browser, but time has left it behind (so has Microsoft). IE6 drives web developers crazy. It is the one browser which developers have to sit and write a whole heap of CSS exceptions for and is generally old technology. To set the web free, it has to go.

There are a whole host of alternative browsers out there including Internet Explorer 8, Firefox3, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. So if you know someone who is hanging onto IE6, help them make the leap!  (20% of all browser users use IE6)

BTW: Here is a link to a IE6 funeral – people really really want it gone!

Quick Tip: Use AutoCorrect to speed up typing

Aug 24, 2009
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The following instructions are for Office 2007. You can do the following in either Word or Excel and the change will apply to both.

Click on the round Microsoft Office logo button at the top left corner, then click on ‘Word Options’.

Next select ‘Proofing’ from the list at the left, then click on the ‘AutoCorrect Options…’ button.

On the “AutoCorrect’ tab make sure ‘Replace text as you type’ is ticked on, then underneath in the ‘Replace’ field enter a short name of what you want to use to trigger an autocomplete. Then in the ‘With’ field enter then long text that you want entered automatically. Then click ‘Add’.


To Finish click ‘OK’ and ‘OK’ again to return to Word or Excel.

For example if I add an entry and enter j@da in the ‘Replace’ field and in the ‘With’ field, when I type j@da in Word or Excel it will automatically change it to

The machine that goes Bing

Jun 5, 2009
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Microsoft has overhauled its Live Search website in an attempt to catchup to major players Google and Yahoo! 

The new site is it offers some nice features such as previewing video within a video search. Will it rival the likes of Google as the default search engine of millions? Not likely.



The Wow starts now?

Jun 5, 2009
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The Windows 7 release date has been announced as October the 22nd. Due to New Zealand’s placement on the International Date Line, it will be available here first, followed shortly after by Australia.

The Windows 7 release comes almost three years after the release of the much unloved Windows Vista. 

Microsoft has been listening to the rather vocal complaints about Vista and have working working hard at greatly improving the performance, compatibility, usability and reliability  of Windows 7. For instance memory usage has been brought under control and boot time is greatly improved.

PC’s sold after October 22nd will be available with Windows 7 pre-installed.



Microsoft and Cloud computing?

Oct 13, 2008
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I came across an interview last week where Steve Balmer (Microsoft CEO) hinted at where Microsoft are looking to develop Office in response to Google Docs and where cloud computing is heading.

“There’s a reason. I think what people want is something as rich as Microsoft Office, something that you can ‘click and run’, if you are not at your own desk. Something that is compatible, document-wise with Microsoft Office and something that offers the kind of joint editing capabilities that is nice in Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Will Microsoft Office offer that? Yes! Standby for details in the next month.”  Steve Balmer. 

Check the full interview out here.